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  • trail riding tab 1 trail riding tab 2Your stay at KD Guest Ranch will begin with an in-depth orientation, showing you how we train the horses, and how to groom and saddle. Each day at the Ranch you can enjoy two horseback riding activities. The trail rides wind through over 800 acres of rolling hills, creeks, and woodland of southeastern Ohio.  

  • team penning tab Try your hand at sorting and penning cattle. This event originated from the open lands of the west when the ranchers needed to sort their cattle back out from their neighbors. It is done with a team of three cowboys on horseback who’s goal is to be the fastest to cut out three calves and put them in a small pen. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner rider, team penning is enjoyed by all, including the spectators.

  • cowboy games tab Some other fun activities that you can participate in during your stay are horse painting, roping lessons, arena games on horseback, or riding a mechanical bull.

  • campfire tabpoker fun tabThe day isn't complete until you share in some of the evening fun.  Each night is different and could consist of a bonfire with smores, a high stakes poker game (don't worry, we provide the chips), a movie night in the surround sound movie theater, a sunset trail ride, or live music.  There is also the opportunity to kick back and relax on the porch as the sun sets or enjoy a drink in the saloon.

Git Along - Saddle up for authentic ranch-hand experiences across Ohio.

There’s no need to travel outside Ohio if you’re looking to enjoy an authentic Western dude ranch experience.

KD Guest Ranch brings the Old West to the Midwest

We traveled across pastures, through woods, up and down hills, entertained along the way...

Git Along - Saddle up for authentic ranch-hand experiences across Ohio.

There’s no need to travel outside Ohio if you’re looking to enjoy an authentic Western dude ranch experience. Simply get in your car or truck and giddy-up along the road to southeast Ohio, where a weekend of saddling your horse, herding cattle, roping and eating plenty of good grub awaits you.

While Ohio has many bridle trails, riding stables, horsemen’s camps and other guest homes that cater to horse lovers, I could find only two locations that qualify as true single-day, overnight and weeklong dude ranch experiences. The real secret, which I am about to share, is that an Ohio dude ranch experience is affordable, well-suited to family activities, and welcome to both novices and experienced riders. What’s best, these experiences can be enjoyed close to home and offer a good feel of ranch life in the West.

KD Guest Ranch, Adamsville, Ohio
This small, new guest ranch is owned and operated by Dave and Kari Burkey. It is located off of Ohio Route 93, approximately 13 miles east of Zanesville and easily accessed from Interstate 70.

Guest ranch operations began last summer and include newly constructed dining and lodging facilities derived from the same designs used on Western ranch resorts. The authenticity of the building designs and interior decor make visitors feel like they are on location in Colorado, Utah, Montana or Wyoming.

Two duplex cabins can accommodate 18 overnight ranch guests. In the main dining lodge, home-cooked meals are served in a family-style setting, and no one leaves a table hungry or thirsty. A library, gift shop, saloon, game room and hot tub are joined with this year’s addition of conference rooms and massage and exercise spaces.

Guests begin their relationship with KD’s majestic, gentle steeds with a general orientation in the round pen situated directly below the dining hall. This helps provide insight on how KD’s horses are trained, how they are to be equipped with saddles and other riding gear, and how they respond to basic commands. Next it’s back to the stables where you will groom and saddle up your mount under the supervision of ranch hands.

An important note for guests is that they may not bring their own horses to the KD Ranch. Guests who are riding horses may not weigh more than 225 pounds and must be at least 7 years old to ride.

Trail rides begin the first day of activities and include checking the general condition and location of cattle, riding fence lines and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the rolling, forested hills of southeast Ohio.

During cattle drives, guests are expected to help move cattle from one location to another on the ranch. It is slow-paced and easy for beginning riders, and families love the activity as their own unique experience in Ohio’s great outdoors. Team penning is an exciting activity that involves some basic rider skills and concentration. A timed rodeo game is often played in the outdoor arena, too, where guests work in pairs to sort three calves from a cattle herd and escort them into a small holding pen.

There is much to see and do at the KD Ranch, and nearby attractions offer an additional variety of activities to enjoy. Prime season rates are in effect June through Labor Day. All-inclusive ranch stays are $1,250 per adult for a six-day/six-night package and $825 per adult for a four-day/four-night package. Rates for children age 7 to 17 are $900 for the full six-day/six-night package and $600 for the four-day/four-night package. Rates for children age 3 to 6 are $250 for the six-day/six-night stay and $165 for the four-day/four-night stay. Pricing includes all meals, lodging, horse rental and on-site activities. Fees do not include applicable taxes and gratuities. The Labor Day through October and mid-April to Memorial Day rates are priced lower.

Single-day rates are $180 for adults and $135 for children prior to and after the peak summer months. Special group rates, conference and custom packages also are offered. For more information on staying at the KD Guest Ranch, call (740) 796-0099 or (740) 252-6456 or visit www.kdguestranch.com.

John Wisse is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio.
Published: Jun 26, 2008